20th October 2022

Yo!  Said we'd be back soon... You were expecting Christmas first eh?!

This was due yesterday (19th) but football was on.. and then today's proceedings could have derailed this whole thing!  What a fucking mess politics is in the UK right now.

Had to get this out so we didn't delay even more...


clickbait costner

I'm sure she does, but that's Kevin Costner mate


Beth Wetter

She thinks we need a new law!


Nutter Alert!

A former nurse claimed on Jeremy Vile Vine's show that "Conservative voters do not deserve to be resuscitated on the NHS" and then claimed she was the victim of a witch hunt on Twitter!

miranda hughes

Miranda Hughes, 46 (yeah right!) claimed that she will now lose her job.

Hughes, who works (or did LOL) for a London based private healthcare provider said, "They can do that to me because of their media policy. I am not allowed to say anything. I have brought the company into disrepute so yes I am being sacked."

Imagine being this much of a victim.

She added, "I am going to lose my job because the Twitterati have gone to town."

Well yes, if you're going to go on live TV and claim that certain people (be it "voters", smokers or people of a different race) don't deserve to be resuscitated then you're going to face a backlash, you stupid woman.

She actually ended with, “I am being vilified for being some monster that doesn’t care and unfortunately the problem is I care too much."

Honestly!  You cannot make this up.


Would I lie to you?

russia bridge

Yes, of course.  A set of stamps was designed and drawn, submitted for proofing, print and distributed all in the space of a day.

Definitely not a proxy war, honest!

If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you, but this one's not on fire and there's no stamps depicting it, yet.


Crisis?  What crisis?

Oh that one


Newspaper Headlines - Alternative Endings


"Contract Cholera"

And finally...

Tabatha Higgs-Boson needs to make some cutbacks.


We'll be back at the weekend to discuss the latest shenanigans!  See you then!