Separating clothes for washing is apartheid, claims massive throbber

A massive throbber from Loughborough has claimed that separating whites and coloured clothing for washing is "Washing machine apartheid" and should be banned.

The cock womble made the claim at a recent gathering of the "Loughborough Virgins", a clique of knobheads who are unlikely to ever get laid.

In his startling claim, Liam Ballbag-Jones suggested that "Clothes should be put into a wash all together.  Keeping whites and colours apart is damaging to society and suggests a white supremacy".

"Who cares if a red t-shirt runs with a white shirt?", he went on to say, "It'll just give a nice pink shirt, and then you can pretend to be gay, which I'm definitely not!".

When it was put to him that a coloured wash could be done first and therefore could be deemed a priority he had nothing to say, the piss poor virtue signalling jizz trowel.