About Monkey on Toast

Monkey on Toast started life as a single page site back in 2000 with simple one-liners, funny pictures and mini rants about the state of the world.

The content was not retained so after about a week or so the work was deleted.

From there the site grew with some funny add-ons and in 2002 a fancy new design that made the site look quite professional!

The site was updated regularly, usually with a Sunday / Wednesday schedule and had a cult following, once (apparently) appearing in a printed magazine.

The site expanded with more contributers, with a dedicated Advert reviewer as well as a thorough disection of every series of Big Brother (we had the tag line, "We watch it so you don't have to!")

However, due to time constraints, mainly due to a massive project at work the site ended in December 2003, although it did re-emerge as "Monkey Reloaded" between April 2005 and August 2006.

After pondering for some time over making a come back, the decision was taken and in December 2015, a whopping 12 years after the doors were originally shut the site was relaunched.

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