Celebrate good times, come on!

Halloween is with us soon and naturally pubs and the like will be having parties.

So what better time to start decorating places than 2 weeks before?

Yes, that’s right!  Because one night of high Spirits and getting your Ghoulies out needs weeks of preparation so that by the time the actual Halloween Party is on everybody is sick of it.

What is the point?  No really?

This week I’ve seen numerous kids dressed in Halloween outfits, ready for parties.  Halloween isn’t until the 31st of the month.  Why on earth would you celebrate Halloween before that?

Granted, the 31st is a Monday, and pubs etc. might choose to have the party on the Saturday night, but this is a WEEK before the Halloween weekend.  Who on earth celebrates a day like that over a week early?

It’s like saying “Oh, it’s my birthday on the 12th of November but I’ll celebrate it tomorrow night”, you just wouldn’t do it.

Same goes for Bonfire Night.  The 5th of November.  I’ve seen people having bonfires a week before it, even when it falls on a Saturday.  Why?

We seem to be celebrating things earlier and earlier these days.  Soon we’ll get to the point where Christmas decorations are just kept up 365 days a year and someone somewhere will choose to celebrate it on the 6th May.

We’ve also become obsessed with celebrating largely pointless things, especially in the workplace.

For example, at work there’s a charity “Come to work in your pyjamas” day (I initially thought it said “Come in your pyjamas" and thought that could be quite embarrassing) – the premise of which is to celebrate the clocks going back.

Yes, we’re celebrating the clocks going back now!

Next we’ll be celebrating the sandwiches lady appearing in a morning and the lift arriving